Short answer: nope!

Not gonna lie. Watching Bears fans who hated Cutler finally realizing that he was still better than this has been fun. Mitch the Titty Kisser has proven to be much better at kissin dem titties than playing professional quarterback. The Bears have a stellar defense that is unfortunately hamstrung by an utterly anemic offense. Like most garbage offense the cause is a large confluence of factors such as lack of talent and poor playcalling, but at the center of it all lies Mitch The Eater Of Pubes Trubes. He’s in year 3 now and he is not paying dividends. His mechanics are bad. His decision making is bad. The choice to trade up and select the man with Patrick Mahomes and Watson still on the board has reflected exceptionally poorly on the team. Matt Nagy didn’t select Trubisky when he was hired to be the coach though, maybe there is an issue there.

Arif Hasan, a Minnesota Vikings reporter who has had the honor of dying on The Draw Play, is the first place I saw the “Mitch can’t throw left” joke. Once I had that pointed out to me I can’t stop seeing it. His mechanics are very bad. Mitch appears to be a bust. He’s not even a fun bust like the Sex Cannon or the apathetic dream of Cutler. He’s just bad. His face is stupid too. Chase Daniel is currently the only other QB on the roster, so Mitch might last the whole season, but if he does get benched that’s pretty much it. I guess he’ll have more time to titty kiss when he’s on the bench.

The Bears defense deserves better.