It was a busy weekend, so I apologize if this one feels undercooked in any way. Undercooked like a Phil Simms booth comment. Boom, got’em!

I was not expecting Jay Cutler to end up an analyst. I expected Cutler to not get a job and fade away from consciousness, happy in his life with his family before his children die of a preventable disease. But then he apparently went to Fox and “winged it” in an interview and now he’s a booth analyst on Fox’s D-team. Know what? Good for him. I’m legit excited to see what we will get out of Mr. Cutler,┬áTalking Head.

Cutler has had a certain perspective of him surround him for a long time. One that I have gladly aped for my own means. The chain smoking apathetic jerk who gives no shits. It’s a strange kind of character to have, and one that didn’t exist before that fateful NFCCG that changed the public’s perception of him. it’s kind of crazy how much that game changed his story. Before that, he was seen as pretty good, kind of a jerk (Remember his “Feud” with Philip Rivers?) and sort of a whiney baby (The demanded trade). Of course people stopped blaming Cutler when McDaniels tanked the Broncos and saw him as possibly smart for getting out. Then he hurt his knee in the championship game, smiled on the sideline, and the switch flipped.

I kind of wonder if his apathy came from his disgust over that whole thing. That incident blew the hell up. The media turned on him because they smelled drama. The fans turned on him because HOW DARE HE NOT SUFFER LIKE USSSS. He spent the next half decade dealing with that hate and I guess responded in a “who gives a fuck” sort of way. If you follow Cutler a little more closely, you realize he’s not just some apathetic jerk. He’s a decent guy. He cares about kids with Diabetes. He’s done a lot for research on the disease. He was funny during his guest spot on “The League”, which featured a lot of players who were far worse at acting for the camera than he was. Honestly most of the players who showed up on that show pretty much sucked on camera. Cutler was good. I’d link a video, but a good one is hard to find.

I think Cutler might be okay as a color guy. I’d wager Jay Cutler the human is actually pretty decent and might provide some valuable insight as a color guy. I doubt he’ll have a major career, but you never know. He’s being put in an easier spot than Romo is. Romo got thrust front and center with no experience, Cutler is a side guy most fans won’t see very often. He’ll have time to hone his skills in the booth while Romo is going to be immediately under intense pressure to not suck.

On the other hand maybe he will be exactly what we all want and until he gets fired it will be amazing.

Vaccinate your kids, people.