The Draw Play is back! Computer is fixed (hopefully) and in honor of being back online I decided to redo the “lost” corrupted Cutler comic. So, about a week and a half later, Jay Cutler week has ended. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to remake the “lost” comic, but eventually I felt we needed the closure so nobody would be disappointed. I figure the comic would be about how Jay Cutler got his “doesn’t care” media personality, the NFC championship game against the Packers. Cutler went down with a knee injury and the cameras memorably focused on him seemingly not caring nor talking about his injury (which was actually quite serious).

Cutler was branded as an apathetic asshole who doesn’t care, and he has yet to shake the perception. It’s similar to how Tony Romo received the choker reputation after the botched snap. The fact is, Cutler is a good guy who does care. Look at his work with Diabetic kids and you’ll see smiles and care. If there is something Cutler doesn’t care about, it’s the media’s perception of him. Maybe how he got trashed after he forced himself out of Denver and after the NFCCG soured him on the media, and he doesn’t care about it anymore. I respect that. Personally I think Cutler rules and he should get more credit for what he manages to do behind that horrible, horrible O-Line.

I may have to return to this Jay Cutler “character” in the future. Maybe he can have dinner with Sean “Cares too much” Payton. Maybe they met on E-Harmony and both enjoy long walks down the sideline.

Oh crap, I just realized I should have made a comic where the Raiders of the Lost Ark Corrupted Comic is packed into a box and put in a big warehouse full of boxes and is watched over by “top men”. But I’m already done this one. Thanks a lot, Brain. Jerk.