So lets talk about the trash fire that is the Chicago Bears. We can start with Mitch Trubisky and the draft situation.

Lets call it a mess. Chicago trades a bunch of stuff to move up a single spot to get the consensus #1 QB, but not a sure fire prospect like most #1 QB prospects. That’s fine, whatever. If the guy pans out then it was worth it, right? Mitch might be a stud one day. I give him points for his attempt to pander to Chicago by saying Walter Payton was his favorite player growing up. That might even be true. I don’t think anyone buys that for a second, but you never know. I’m not here to pass much judgement on Trubisky.

I’m more fascinated by everything else. The Bears have been a dump for a few years. It’s not all their fault (the recent two 1st round rookies have been hurt) but this is a bad team. A bad team that fired a bad coach, only to install John Fox, possibly a worse coach. John Fox is good at power run games and that’s about it these days. He’s a conservative old coot who’s best days are long behind him. Fox apparently did not know about the plan to draft Trubes. Ryan Pace, the GM, in the process of drafting Trubes, was revealed to essentially been betting against himself as first time GM and former D-list commentator John Lynch outwitted him. Pace got played. Fox didn’t even know Trubes was the plan. Now tell me, in what world has the coach and GM not being on the same page ever really worked out in the end? This has all the makings of a future implosion. The Bears aren’t even much to implode, and it still feels like it could get worse.

On top of this, the Bears also already grabbed a QB. It was Mike Glennon, which was a hilarious crap move to begin with. Glennon is a neck and not much else, but that’s fine. The team is not a QB away from greatness. They have no receivers. They have no defense. The Bears right now are a good O-line and a good RB. Glennon has no expectations. This is the perfect time for Pace to grab defense, to stack picks, to build the team around Glennon for a few years, then dump his neck and go all in for a QB. But I think Pace is worried for his job, so the Bears mortgaged some of their future on Trubes, which made Glennon upset, and if Trubes doesn’t pan out will result in an implosion. Even if Trubisky is a good player, the Bears are so bad that it may not matter.

I’m just waiting for the moment everything finally blows up. The Bears have quietly slid into dumpster fire status over the past few seasons. All their star power left. They are a dull and uninteresting team. The front office seems at odds with the out of date coach. The team is a wreck. Their future drafts are damaged. It’s going to get blown up, and I’d wager things get ugly before the season is over.

Also Chicago Deep Dish is delicious but it’s not Pizza.
Their amazing hot dogs however, are sandwiches.
Come at me.