The Bears are in a weird place right now. Virginia Halas McCaskey managed to outlive the Queen but she’ll be gone pretty soon unless she uses Lazarus pits. There are rumors about internal strife amongst the ownership of the team, and some speculation on if the team will be sold upon McCaskey’s passing. Also among the list of Bears organizational drama: they appear to be moving.

It is confirmed the Bears purchased land in Arlington Heights to develop into a new Bears central hub. Arlington Heights is a suburb in the greater Chicagoland area, nowhere near the current location of Soldier Field. Soldier Field itself is an absolute mess. It’s small, especially for the market the Bears have. It’s historic and beautiful, at least the parts that aren’t part of the renovation that made it look like a spaceship parked on it. The Bears do not own the stadium, which means they do not retain all the money the stadium can make, especially things that aren’t NFL games. Lastly, the field is a pile of shit. We saw that on Sunday when a bad rainstorm turned the field into more of a bog than a football field.

The team didn’t care. That was one of the most Bears games I can imagine seeing. Old Chicago dorks in BEARS sweaters would probably want every game to be exactly like that.

I haven’t been to Chicago since I was a wee lad of 7 or so and I’m curious how actual residents and fans feel about the whole thing. I know the stadium location is simultaneously beautiful and annoying to get to. Would fans prefer the city’s option of renovating the area and keeping them on the lake in Soldier Field or is a move to a more open suburb actually preferable?