I genuinely didn’t expect Mitch Trubisky to be starting by week 5.

I mean, not because I thought The Neck was any good (he’s complete trash!). I just figured John Fox wouldn’t have the guts to actually trust a rookie. John Fox comes from that old school crusty fart school of coaching. The kind of school that Tom Coughlin went to: the school that doesn’t trust young people to do anything right. The kind that will put a veteran who has spent time in the trenches out there in more trenches before the new fresh meat every time, even when the veteran’s brains are completely fried and the freshie has some good ideas on how to win this fight.

I guess it speaks to Fox knowing he’s toast if things don’t change. Fox has done absolutely nothing of value with the Bears. They haven’t won games. They haven’t drafted terribly well. They haven’t improved. They have been an underrated dump for a few years now, about as long as Kevin White has been on IR. Fox had about a two year window to fart around, but he had to start putting something together soon, and he wasn’t. Now he’s in a spot where he clearly has to feel the burn under his butt and there is a little bit of pressure to actually accomplish something.

So I assume the Bears will throw Trubes out there and Trubes will have a…meh season. He’ll look pathetic in some games. He’ll look good in others. Maybe even great once. Not 5 TD DeShaun Watson great, but…good. Once. He’ll never throw above 250 yards/2 TDs. He might drag them to a win and then we get a week of articles about how he is the future. The Bears will finish at like, 5-11 or 6-10 but 3 of those wins will come in the last half of the season and will give people hope, ignoring that the wins came against weak teams. It’s the positives you have to look at, right?

Then Fox will keep his job though he won’t deserve it. Ryan Pace, the guy who gave Mike Glennon multiple millions, will keep his job. Next year, actual expectations will befall the Bears, and fans won’t tolerate just sitting back and looking at the bright spots. Teams will have film on Trubisky. He will become bad. He will have very poor support around him. The coaching staff will get fired. He is forced to learn a new system. His development is stunted. Eventually, a disgraced Blake Bortles, who eagerly took the backup job that season after the Jags cut him in 2019, will get the start. Blake Bortles will play very well for about 2-3 games and Mitch Trubisky becomes a backup for the rest of his career. Forgotten, abandoned, probably starting for the Browns at least once. Fox will end up coaching the Jets or something for a season before finally just going away forever.

We’ve seen it before, we shall see it again. For those who do not learn from the past will be doomed to repeat it.