So a long time ago, back either in the early stages of the comic before anyone outside some friends and goons knew about it, I made a series of images in the style of a buzzfeed blog post, The Ten Types of Football Fans.

Anyway, now that we’ve reached the deepest pit of hell known as the post-draft to pre-preseason, I’ve decided to re-imagine that old chestnut. I’ve always been fond of it and thought there were things I could do to add to it. These won’t be in order, or in a constant series, I was just going to make them sporadically over the next month or two during those sections where things get really, really dry. So expect comics around this theme to pop up from time to time. I’ll probably make more than ten and further divide the types as well.

So. The Passionate fan. Who is he? Aren’t we all passionate fans? Well yes, but for me this refers to a certain type.

This fan is more or less the loud fan who doesn’t really know much but makes up for it by being way to into things. When the ref throws the flag they yell, when the team scores they celebrate wildly. They go for high fives on field goals. They swing wildly from ecstasy to outrage, even from play to play. The kind of fan who seems obnoxious at first, but overall is generally fun to be around because they exert a lot of energy into the room. Celebrating with the passionate fan is a fun experience because they get drunk frequently and watching them lose their shit when things go bad is one of the best experiences in life. When something goes bad for a passionate fan, things get hilarious. These are the guys who show up on youtube after bad losses, yelling and screaming at the TV while being secretly recorded by snickering friends. But they are still fun even when not messing with them, because they always seem game to have fun.

Here’s to you, Passionate fan. Here’s to the fan who is sometimes more entertaining to watch than the game itself.