Ugh. Man this story exploded, and for all the wrong reasons.  As a major market media pundit who is super important, I must now give my opinion so the bleeting sheep can follow me blindly.

This got way too big. I don’t think even Sherman himself was ready for how big this got, and he’s pissed plenty of people off before. First off, I have mixed feelings about Sherman. He is one of the best if not the best CBs in the game (though he isn’t even the best defender on his own team, Earl Thomas is the man). He’s also a giant personality. He’s currently playing the Deion Sanders role, in that he is supremely hateable and that’s part of the reason he’s awesome. I touched on this with Dez Bryant a while back, but Sherman is a player you love to hate. He talks a big game, and backs it up with great play, which just makes it even easier to hate him. You might hate the guy but he’s great for the game of football. We need more players like him in the league.

The cameras and Erin Andrews yesterday caught Sherman at a big moment. He had just made the biggest play of his life to help send the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. Of course the guy is going to be emotional, screaming, pure adrenaline. I can’t judge him for that, if I had just made that play in that situation, I would be freaking out too. So the usually well spoken and coherent (though loud) Stanford grad suddenly struggled to put together sentences and called out Crabtree several times…for reasons unknown. Andrews was clearly confused at the turn of events (her face is hilarious the whole time as she’s trying to figure out how to proceed with this interview which is not going as expected). And the result is we get a hilariously awkward interview of Sherman blabbing out Crabtree insults as everyone looks confused. It was great.

Then Monday hits, and what the hell. The most interesting part of the whole thing for me was him calling out Crabs specifically. I had no idea there was bad blood between the two so the callout seemed…out of place. But Sherman confirmed as much in an article he wrote for MMQB, so now it makes more sense. However annoying Sherman is though, and how much people might hate him, when the racism started, woof. No one deserves that kind of blatant horrible vitrol. Sherman might be a giant dick but he’s not really being criticized for being a dick, he’s being criticized for far worse and less relevant things. The worst thing he said in that interview was that Crabtree was mediocre. He doesn’t deserve people suddenly making it about his race and saying far worse things than he ever even insinuated.

Anyway, get ready for two weeks of Richard Sherman talk and Peyton Manning talk. I hope you’re pumped.

Lastly, I got some news! I was interviewed last friday for Campus Insiders regarding my hipster logos! You can watch it here:

I also lost a bet when the Seahawks made the Super bowl, so I had to run around my apartment making woosh noises wearing a seahawks jersey, so watch me embarass myself: