Last year, I went on a beautiful winter hike instead of watching the Pro Bowl. This year? I plan on doing the exact same thing.

They’ve shaken things up this year, making it a draft style team instead of players from each conference. Now we can have AFC players throwing to NFC players, but ultimately it doesn’t change much of anything. The players still treat the game as a vacation, and all the important players who have been once or twice already have already declined to participate. This comic was originally featuring Calvin Johnson and Drew Brees, but I went and looked at the final roster and both dropped out, so I hastily had to edit it to be AJ Green and Rivers (making his first appearance in a non-Ringless Rivers comic!)

The Pro Bowl is a joke. It will always be a joke. Bring back skill competitions.

Oh, and the uniforms they came up for this year’s pro bowl are awful pieces of junk, in case you are wondering about what the players are wearing in the comic.  I’ll be commenting on that in my weekly KissingSuzyKolber post tomorrow.