Does anyone really think Tebow is going to see the field with Tom Brady under center? I’m pretty sold on the idea that Billy 5 Aces brought Tebow in mostly to use him in practice, so that the Pats defense can practice against option and pistol type offenses.

Tebow has been extremely adamant that he only wants to be an NFL QB, and turned down other possible starting gigs in lesser leagues because he’s very stubborn. A surprising lack of humility for someone who preaches humility. Fact is, Tebow is not a good QB, and NFL personnel knows it. There is a very valid reason as to why no team jumped on him when he got released. There is a valid reason why Mark Sanchez still got the starting job despite running into his own lineman’s butt. Tebow needs a team tailor made to his strengths to work, and even if he does, the defense of that team is still the real kicker. His Gator teams had great defense. His success in Denver was due to the Bronco defense keeping the game close till Tebow could have success late. To top it off, look at the teams he beat that year: they weren’t good. Good teams tore him apart. In the playoffs he was at home, against a completely beaten up Steelers team who were without their best Saftey. Tebow just isn’t an NFL QB, and he’s the only person in the NFL who hasn’t seemed to accept it.

If Tebow is going to see the field and save whats left of his career, he’s probably going to have to suck it up and possibly switch positions. He could play fullback. he could play RB. He might work as a TE if he can catch. He’s not going to be a QB on the Pats, he’ll be a gimmick or a different position. This is likely his last chance.

As for me…I have mixed feelings about Tebow. Part of me wants him to just go away forever. Another part of me absolutely loves how utterly entertaining Tebow and everything he does is. He is an endless pit of hilarity. So I’m not sure if I want him to fail or not. Whatever happens with him, I hope it’s funny. I’m sure it will be.

Stupid Tebow going to the Patriots two days before the first comic. Now I had 3 Tebow comics in a row. I’ll stop now.