I never would have guessed comic 666 would be about the NFL actually doing a good thing. Well, maybe not a good thing, but at the very least walking back to not being stupid and quite as evil as before. They loosened the celebration rules!

According to this tweet, the NFL has reverted back to common sense. Snow angels should have never been illegal. Using the ball as a prop should have never been illegal. Going to the ground (What does that even mean) should probably have never been illegal. Most importantly…group celebrations should have never, ever been illegal. This team sport should be able to have a team celebrate like a team when they want. It’s baffling that this was ever illegal at all, that this was ever a bad thing. I guess we can thank the Redskins for ruining that for everyone.

There is still plenty that’s illegal. And I’m fine with everything on that list. A celebration that delays the game should be a flag. If you can’t get your dancing done in a reasonable time, then yeah, flag it. Jimmy Graham’s dunk that delayed the game should stay illegal. Weapons should probably be illegal, although I hope that doesn’t include fun stuff like that awesome fencing celebration I believe Travis Kelce did once. Sexual pelvic thrust dances don’t personally offend me, (in fact I think they are hilarious) but I completely respect the reasoning there, even if I think it’s a bit too prudish. I’m not a kid, I don’t have a kid, kids probably won’t be ruined by Antonio Brown’s pelvic movements, but it’s nice that someone is still thinking about the kids. You’ll never convince me Von Miller’s little thrusts here wasn’t sexual, that’s blatant as hell. Pelvic thrusting rides that line between harmless and crude, so I’m fine with the NFL erring on the safe side there. There was never an excuse to flag Vernon Davis for making a jumpshot though, that shit was inexcusable and I am so glad the ball is an acceptable prop now.

I’m genuinely really happy the NFL did this. It makes perfect sense, and it’s a shame it ever got to the point where we are genuinely celebrating common sense but hey, this is the NFL, and they are evil. At least next season, in one minor department, they will be slightly less evil. Plus, now we get to laugh at people like this, who are morons who hate fun. Seriously how to these people live in such a funless world. Seriously imagine hating fun things in your entertainment product to this degree. I can’t fathom it.

Good for you, NFL. I’m sure you’ll somehow ruin this during the season anyway, but for now, that’ll do, pig.

In the meantime have a picture I managed to sneak of a dude in front of me in line who’s hat and tattoo accidentally made for a hilarious NFL slogan. Hey, this is comic 666 after all.