This is gonna be a good year for the Moneys saga, I can feel it in my bones. My poor, poor bones.

I wasn’t sure whether or not to give Bort a space on the money saga. He got paid significantly less than the other names on here relative to his position. But I can’t deny a good pun life so here we are. You decide Bort’s fate. Should he stay on the ship? Should he be ejected for more 1%ers when he is merely upper middle class? READERS, CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE! Gimme a yay or nay vote and I’ll factor it into the future.

One of the weird things about seeing a lesser QB contract get signed is how utterly reasonable it looks for all involved. We don’t have a bloated nonsense contract with more money than is ever needed being paid to some people who have earned it and most who simply got it because of how the market values their positions and team desperation. Bort is where I feel like most QBs honestly should be closer to outside the total bonafide studs like Rodgers. 54 Mill is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s also not unreasonable and doesn’t hold the Jags cap hostage on a questionable investment.

This is a win for both parties. Bort gets paid plenty, which after his best year makes him a little more deserving. He’s still not overpaid, because the Jags can cut him loose without too much dead money damage, which gives him motivation to work harder and get better. It gives the Jags working room to sign free agents in the future to get over that hump and stay as competitive as they were in 2017. It gives a guy who hasn’t gotten much respect a chance to prove himself. Bort did what he needed to this year, he deserved some compensation for that.

Side note, it was weird to draw that second panel and have to remember how many players have ended up in this saga. And this one ignores Brock Osweiler, Romo, and Cutler, who have also appeared. I keep wondering if I forgot someone else.

Also to follow up from Saturday lmao a 2nd and a 4th for Marcus Peters? I hope the Chiefs know something we don’t because that’s highway robbery.