Well that was a shocker. I don’t think a single person took the “Chiefs looking to trade Marcus Peters” rumors seriously at all. I sure didn’t. Why would a team give away one of their best young players? Peters has had a few minor incidents but nothing that makes him seem like a monster. Peters is one of the best young defenders in the game right now, why would you give that away?


Andy Reid must think he’s playing 6D chess or something. I’m real confused.

I have a co-worker who sits across from me who is a massive Chiefs fan. The news broke his day and he is just as confused as I am. It’s very strange. I understand moving on from Alex Smith. Smith is old and we’ve seen his ceiling. Peters is young. Do the Chiefs not have cap room and want to get what they can from Peters before he leaves in free agency? But they would have cap room, they don’t have Smith now and some of their older players would be gone by the time Peters got paid.


Can a Chiefs fan who is smart, like, kind of rationalize it for me? There’s no reason to go full rebuild yet why are they doing this? I can’t figure out the reason. As of this writing I have no idea what they are getting in return. I’m expecting a 1st, a mid-late rounder this year, and then a 2nd or 3rd next year. But I don’t know shit.

Chiefs got lucky the Jonathan Martin thing happened like 2 hours later because we’re all just talking about that now instead of this nonsense. I’m gonna wait on that story a bit because…jeez.