Calling it now. I think the Chiefs are going to be this divisional round’s home team upset. I think the Colts are going to make the Walrus choke again.

I don’t trust the Chiefs. I want them to win. I want to see Mahomes go all the way. I want to see Andy Reid finally get that damn trophy for himself. I just don’t buy them as a true threat. That defense is garbage and now Mahomes is going to have to play better competition. Looking back on the season they didn’t do as well as it felt like at the time, and they had a significant issue with primetime games. They managed to put up a fight in every loss, partially because Mahomes is fucking awesome, but I think it’s notable that all of their losses came against playoff teams and they struggled against the Ravens as well. Outside the Ravens, they mostly beat up weak competition like the Raiders, Broncos, Bengals, Browns, Jags, Cards, 49ers…Hardly murderers row. Every legit team they faced was a problem. The Rams, Pats, Seahawks, and Chargers all beat them. The main point in the Chiefs favor was that they were never blown out and never looked like a bad team.

They now have to go against the 2018 season Cinderella story Colts, and I think it’s a bad matchup. They could have probably beaten the Ravens again, because the Ravens offense was never good and the Chiefs offense is good enough to put 30 on anybody. I think they could have taken the Texans too, because the Texans more than proved themselves as frauds. The Colts defense isn’t great, but it’s better than KC and they’ve gotten better as the year has gone on. It almost doesn’t matter, because the Chiefs will score on them anyway, but the problem is the Indy offense is actually quite good. The line is stellar, Luck is back to looking like the #1 overall pick we expected, and TY Hilton still owns. This offense can keep up with the Chiefs in a shootout and has a moderate defense to back it up. I think the edge is just enough and the Colts win a thriller.

Obviously I’m a poor analyst and am mostly going on gut feelings here, so the game will end like 16-13 because football never goes the way it should. But this looks to be a shootout and the Chiefs always put up fun points, so it’s probably still the must-watch game of the weekend.

Also, I’ll get to all the head coaching carousel stuff once the offseason hits, but let me say this: fuckin Jets lmao


EDIT: This is why I do not bet on Football outcomes