THE TRUTH STANDS BEFORE US. Watch the film Zapruder style. The Eagles are trying to claim that Hester blocked the field goal with his tippy fingers just enough to send it off course, but that’s because they can’t admit the truth. Something was off that day about the uprights. That kick was going in. But something nudged it just enough. That something was BIG DICK NICK.

I’m honestly glad the kick has been confirmed as blocked. I felt so bad for Cody Parkey. Losses are a team accomplishment and although the Bears directly lost because the field goal didn’t go through, it also never should have come down to that. The offense for the Bears was terrible pretty much all game and this vaunted defense could stop the final march of the Eagles for the game-winning touchdown. The Bears were only in the game thanks to the kicking of Cody Parkey to begin with. It’s the Blair Walsh effect all over. Despite everything the kicker did for you that game, because of the one bad moment he takes the brunt of all failures despite the fact that the whole teams should honestly be ashamed of that performance.

Nick never has troubles with performance. Nick always rises…big time…to the occasion.

But now that the kick is officially blocked at least we can say that the Eagles just plain outplayed the Bears instead of Cody Parkey choking it away. He’ll never be able to kick for the Bears again, and morons will still use him as the scapegoat for the loss, but at least the legacy should alter somewhat in his favor. Maybe that will make it a little bit easier on the guy so he doesn’t end up the next Steve Bartman. Chicago sports fans are an underrated kind of terrible because they tend to get the loser sympathy card. Poor Steve Bartman.

None of the teams I wanted to win this weekend did so except the Chargers. Ugh. The Texans were exposed as frauds. Honestly it should have been easy to spot, their big 9 game win streak came against weak competition (The wins against the Colts/Cowboys were when both teams were in a mid-season funk before they put it together). The Colts are red-hot and may legitimately be a underrated threat in the AFCE. I think they may actually beat the Chiefs with ease. They have a fantastic offense that can match the Chiefs output plus unlike KC, their defense isn’t trash garbage. It’s an away game, and the Chiefs are rightfully favored, but I honestly think the Colts are gonna take this one.

The Chargers are going to have a tough time in Foxboro, especially if it is cold and snowy like the weather predictors are saying it could be. But this team could take out NE. If the Chargers win this one I might be all on the Chargers to win it all. However, Bama lost, so that means the Patriots are winning it all because every year Bama loses the championship NE wins it.

The Eagles are going to have a tough time with the Saints. If they get past the Saints then the Big Dickolas Nicholas train is also gonna choo choo into the bowl because how do you stop that?

The Cowboys kind of got lucky in that the Seahawks had a terrible gameplan and did not unleash Russ. The Cowboys are hot but predictable, and predictable is a tough thing to be against the Rams. McVay knows how to gameplan for predictable. If the Boys get past the Rams it’ll be because the defense stuffed THE SYSTEM and then we get to start seeing articles about how McVay is a fraud. That might be fun. Fuck the Cowboys though.

Go Chiefs! Go Chargers! Go Rams! Go Saints!