Betcha thought that was going in a more innocent direction, didn’t ya? Betcha thought it was a Tony Romo dream joke didn’t yah? Well now you’re here thinkin’ bout Skip Bayless touching his nethers and I’ve probably lost half my readership. Worth it.

That game owned really hard and it’s nice that out of 8 games we had at least one that’s been good playoff football. I guess you could argue Steelers/Chiefs but I’d smack you on the head for thinking 6 field goals for a winning team means good football was happening on your television. We’ve had 8 games, and 1 good one. Thank god that one good one was real good, because we seem to be in for a lackluster end to our lackluster season. Unless the Falcons win, because that would be new and cool.

Rodgers did Rodgers things for the entire first half and at the end of the game, though he got stifled in the second half somewhat. Packers almost gave up a massive heartbreaker (Which was hilarious in itself) but they then stuck it to a mighty Cowboys comeback with yet another impossible throw to Jared Cook and a big ol’ kick. 2 kicks, really, since Crosby got iced. Rodgers shows the world just how magical you can be if you cut family out of your life and become obsessed with proving people wrong.

As for the Cowboys, loathe as I am to admit it, but the team likely has a bright decade ahead. Team Tony was getting pretty loud in the first half calling for Romo to come in. I was dubious of Dak all year since the team never really had to lean on him to make the throws and QB the team to the top himself, but down by what felt like billions the Boys couldn’t lean on Zeke and Dak made all the throws and looked like the guy, so I’m on the Dak belief train now. Even though I want the Cowboys to eat all the dicks. Even though they deserve to eat all the dicks. All the dicks. One million dicks per second.

I also enjoy all the Cowboys fans who have consoled themselves on the loss with the look to the future. Yeah, things look bright, but your team was 13-3 (14-2 if they try week 17) and possibly the best team in the league, and you want to tell me the loss doesn’t hurt because of the future? We both know that’s a load of crap. We both know you are dying inside. We both know that the future is uncertain. I bet some Eagles fans will tell you bout a guy named Nick Foles. Things can change and the 2016 Cowboys could end up a huge missed opportunity just as much as they could end up the stepping stone to greatness. It’s why you gotta take advantage of those opportunities when you get them. Getting to the playoffs ain’t shit. Winning is.
So what’s everyone’s preferences now that we’ve only got 4 teams? The Falcons are the only real newbie to the crowd and are easily the team I’m rooting for most because teams that haven’t won SBs always deserve their first ring (‘cept you, Eagles!). After that the Packers and Steelers are on the same basic level for me, and then the heat death of the universe before the Pats again even though the Pats are probably going to win it since they are the only team left with a good defense.

Whatever happens, I hope we get at least one more game as good as Cowboys/Packers.