I guess I should probably dub this week “Dave Grosses out his readers week”. Stay tuned for Saturday to see what bodily fluid is featured next! Who will expel it? Here’s a hint, it won’t be Mike Tomlin or Skip Bayless. Again.

Was anyone else disappointed by Antonio Brown’s locker room speech video? When I heard Brown had filmed a post game locker room speech, the unfiltered version that doesn’t end up on team media pages, I got really excited. MIKE TOMLIN SAID THINGS AND PEOPLE ARE MAD? I couldn’t click on a link faster. All I got was Antonio Brown and a few nearby players winking at the camera and Mike Tomlin calling the Patriots assholes. Lame. I was hoping for some real serious stuff. Creative expletives. I always hope for a genuine look into football team life unfiltered through media. This really didn’t give me anything good. Everyone already thinks the Patriots are assholes already. Maybe Mike Tomlin is bad at speeches. I would have pegged him for one of the better speech giving possibilities, but I guess not. Or we got an off day. So this comic is what I wish happened instead of what actually happened.

Anyway the Steelers better hope they win now because if not we got another boatgate. Meaningless, relevant or not, this is why you don’t post stuff like this to social media as a player. Never give the media a hook if you can help it. You know damn well if the Steelers lose this stupid thing is going to become a talking point used by dumb people and hack sports writers/anchors to argue stupid points. But if the Steelers win it’ll be no issue at all! Just like how no one would have given a shit about the boat if the Giants had won. Social media is a dangerous game.

Also I don’t buy for a second that Belichick doesn’t actually know what facebook is and I think his “Instachat” was a bad fake. The Patriots would be a lot more interesting on social media if grandpa Bill actually didn’t get it. He just keeps people from doing anything crazy on it.