TOM BRADY RETURNS! He’s back and he’s bigger than ever!

After two years of deflating and arguing the final result is finally past us and the pretty boy prodigy has returned to his rightful place as being a system QB. COME AT ME MOTHERFUCKERS.ย The Patriots record without Brady is 15-6, I believe. 2007, 2016, and the one AFCG Bledsoe started in Brady’s breakout season. Brady is vital to the Patriots but I think this factoid clearly,ย clearly illustrates that much of the Patriots success can be contributed to Belichick more than Brady, Brady just makes Billy’s job easier. The Colts turned into a trash fire without Manning. Until Dak, the Cowboys were the same without Romo. Brady is not the best QB of all time (All he has in his favor over Peyton are rings but rings are a team accomplishment), but Belichick, for my money, is easily the best coach of all time.

I wonder how Tom Brady spent his time off. Knowing Brady he probably sperged out and spent most of it keeping in shape and as in touch as he could so he could be ready, but I like to think he binge-watched Netflix shows and ate cookies. Maybe he spent the entire time sitting angrily in a basement room throwing darts at a picture of Roger Goodell.

I’m excited to see if there will be any real rust/age on him or if he comes in and just hate-fucks everybody (I expect the latter and have sadly resigned myself to them winning the SB until proven otherwise). The Patriots, as this year has proved, are especially good when they achieve underdog status. It rarely happens but they seem to relish it and Billy seems to try even harder. Last time the Patriots achieved underdog status was two years ago after the Chiefs blew them out. Then they won the Super Bowl just to spite everyone. That was because of one week of criticism. I seriously shudder to think how angry Brady is right now. The poor Browns are going to die.

As an aside, I doubt I’ll make a comic about it but the blown call on the fumble this past week on the Browns might be the worst call in years. I can forgive them getting the call wrong on the field in the moment, but even on review? Even the NFL won’t admit they screwed up horribly and tried to pretend the refs were right. God hates Cleveland.

Edit: Lol a joke about Brady being a system QB and suggesting he’s not the GOAT ends up being my biggest hot take of the year, I especially like Patriots fans telling me I’m biased about Brady, some nice irony there. To be honest, I’d probably put Brady #3 all time for me with Peyton and Marino in front of him.