Man we didn’t even get through a single game before we got a scandal. As of writing this it seems like it won’t go anywhere and that the Pats aren’t even at fault, but man, this is gonna be the worst season. After that SI article and this, every time something goes screwy in a Pats game we are going to get accusations of cheating. I predict a record number of -Gates this year, because Sports media is just the worst.

As for that opening game, what a sloppy boring slog. I think the Steelers actually played better football, they also just made waaaaaaay more mistakes. Two missed field goals, garbage clock management, the stupid trick play to start off, DHB not catching a TD in bounds when he easily could have, letting a fumble basically become a touchdown, and worst of all, simply not covering the best TE in the game. Outside acting like dummies, the Steelers honestly looked better to me. They were never going to win this game but they put up a better fight than expected.

Here are some things I made during the broadcast

Headsets CoverGronk BradyBanner