Every time the Eagles and Cowboys play each other I always root for the meteor. Obviously that’s the old “divisional hate both teams” joke. Root for the meteor. Maybe root for Bane to blow up the stadium. Basically wish death on both teams. Obviously that’ll never happen, but Sunday’s game between Philly and Dallas might have been the closest we can realistically get.

The Eagles looked miserable. The offense is abysmal. The O-line is absolutely terrible. Demarco Murray is the reigning offensive player of the year and has probably the worst stats of any RB in the league right now, but he can’t even take the handoff without getting tackled immediately. Sam Bradford does not look like the answer whatsoever. They have no good wide receivers. So many Eagles fans drank the Chip Kelly kool-aid this year and are desperately trying to throw it up already. I wouldn’t panic quite yet if I was an Eagles fan. The Giants should be 2-0 but are dumb and bad and ended up 0-2. The Redskins are better than expected but when a dumpster fire is the expected being better doesn’t mean much yet. This division is garbage and it’s only two weeks in, they could turn it around just fine. I would be worried though.

Dallas won, but in the process lost their star QB for weeks thanks to a broken clavicle. They are already without Dez for most of the season. This was a Pyrrhic victory for Dallas. The two best players on the team out for at least half the season puts a significant dent in playoff repeat hopes, even if it’s still probably their division to lose. Also, if the trend continues, next week Dallas will lose another important starter. The obvious guess is Sean Lee but I sort of secretly want to see the entire Dallas roster get injured except for Sean Lee because how funny would that be?