The Chargers lost another game this past week to go 1-3 on the season. Most people expected the Chargers to be mediocre this year at best (myself included) but this has not been your regular 1-3 team. This has been a disgusting heartbreak of a team. As a Giants fan who had to watch at least 5 bad losses in the final 2 minutes of the game last season, I very much have sympathy for those poor fans. Watching a team lose is one thing. Watching a team mostly win and then flop around like a dying fish when it matters is far worse.


Week 1: San Diego dominates the Chiefs, take their foot off the gas, get lazy, and the Chiefs mount a miraculous comeback to force overtime, win in overtime. Chargers fans sad, but team looks better than expected! Keenan Allen Dies.

Week 2: They blow out the Jags, a team expected to not be as shit as they are. Looking up! Oh but Danny Woodhead Dies.

Week 3: They go back and forth with a bad Colts team, give up game winning TD in final minutes to TY Hilton, Chargers fans begin to experience major worry. Manti Teo Dies.

Week 4: Team trades scores with 0-3 Saints team, begin to pull away by 4th quarter, then fumble on two straight drives and allow TDs after each one to let Saints come back to win, throw INT on final chance. Chargers fans get very, very sad. No one died though, I guess.

The Chargers could easily be 4-0 and instead they are 1-3, with two of those losses to bad teams. They are stuck in a very hard division and have already set themselves possibly too far back in the race to have hope of catching up. This sort of thing happens to teams each year, that it’s happening to the Bolts isn’t terribly noteworthy. Except it kind of is. Earlier this year I had a Chargers fan on The Draw Play Podcast (He’s actually the individual featured failing at suicide in the comic above) and on that Podcast he told us of a very important fact. The city of San Diego is voting on whether or not to approve a stadium this year, sometime around the end of October, I believe. The reason this matters is because the fate of the team in SD most likely depends on it, and the chances of that vote passing when the Bolts are playing well and looking good is higher. If the Chargers want to stay in San Diego, they need to endear themselves to the legions of fans left apathetic after years of toil, and so far, they are doing the exact opposite.

Edit: As noted by several commenters, Jason Verrett is now dead, and the Chargers streak of killing someone each week continues.