I originally wanted to make a comic about how Ryan Tannehill is bad but I’ll save it for an inevitable future game where he is bad to bring that up. This I guess is about the Browns. The ever expanding hopeless fate of the Cleveland Browns. In week 1 after RG3 died I mentioned how the Browns are out-Brownsing themselves. But it’s almost as if the sports gods gave Cleveland a championship last spring and decided to balance the scales again and send the Browns into an even bigger spiral of hopelessness than usual.

They traded down and passed on Carson “Apparently already QB Jesus” Wentz, lost to Wentz in game 1, lost RG3 in the same game, then lost Josh McCown in game 2, a horrific collapse against the Ravens where they lead 20-2 in the first quarter and never scored again. Terrelle Pryor even got the worst taunting call I’ve ever seen on the one comeback chance they had. They started Cody Kessler for week 3, a game in which they managed to come back against Ryan waste of time Tannehill only to miss the game winning field goal and lose in overtime. Also Charlie Whitehurst in on the team now, so you know that’s coming. Also Josh Gordon is entering rehab and is getting cut. Their rookie WR broke his hand. I wonder if Hue Jackson finally understands the job he took now.
I wanted to make some QB puns. Here are more puns.

The Luck of the Colts
Open a Cam of Whoopass
Andy Daltons of Playoff Losses
Fitzmagic, Fitztragic
On the Case Keenum
Baby you can drive my Carr
Famous Jameis
Go back from Wentz you came
Super Mariota
Rock out with your Brock out
Armed and Dangeruss
Teddy Bridge “over troubled” Water
My QB is also named Bort
Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
Inanimate Carbon Tyrod
Obi Wan Jacoby
A nice set of Jay Cutlery
Kissin Cousins
Hoyer the Destroyer
I bELIeve in Eli

Just like the annual puppy pun comics Give me all your QB puns right now.