Late in the game on Saturday Courtney Upshaw sacked Big Ben and Ben came down hard on the side of his head. He stayed down for a bit there, went to the sidelines for several plays while Gradkowski funslinged the Steelers a few first downs. The cameras showed them working and testing Ben on the sidelines. Then he came back in and promptly threw a godawful interception across his body into the endzone that for most intents and purposes iced the game. The entire sequence was eerily familiar to the infamous game with Colt McCoy and James Harrison, where the same thing happened. I don’t know if Big Ben actually got concussed, he came back to the field surprisingly fast, before they could properly test him, and Ben himself claims it was whiplash. I don’t know what to believe, the way he hit his head totally sells me on the idea that he may have gotten at least a mild concussion.

Steelers/Ravens ended up being the best game of the weekend, it was a surprisingly lame weekend. Cardinals flamed out as expected with Ryan Lindley at the helm, but the Panthers looked bad on offense and no one expects them to beat Seattle in Seattle. It will be a low scoring D-fest. Cincinnati can’t even be interesting in their playoff losses, and Colts/Bengals was about as exciting as a wet fart. Lions/Cowboys was an exciting game that was sadly marred by officiating controversy and the Cowboys winning. I’m sure everyone expected a comic about that but I have two comics to go before divisional weekend so I’ll hold off on talking about that. Long opinion short: I think the Lions got the short end of the stick from the officials, but cannot blame the refs for the loss as much as they are.