Poor Bills. My time spent in upstate New York in Bills territory taught me that Bills fans are just the most adorably optimistic fanbase. They aren’t like Cleveland or Detroit, with this level of angry bitterness pervading even the most optimistic of supporters. They are ever so hopelessly optimistic and you can’t keep them down. The Bills make them happy, even when they inevitably make them sad. It’s almost inspiring. They also drink a lot.

But man, I’d be devastated as a Bills fan after this week. They put together a 9-7 season, their first season above .500 in like a decade. They had a stifling defense that threw down the best of them, and even made Aaron Rodgers look mortal. All they needed was a QB above Orton caliber and they could really, finally, put up a fight and cause the Patriots to sweat. This was the first Bills season in years that actually ended optimistically. Sure they lost their playoff chances by losing to the Raiders, but I mean, they are the Bills. If i was a Bills fan I’d feel pretty good.

Then Orton skipped town, and Doug Marrone got in some sort of conflict with the front office and he literally walked. The first coach in years to get them above .500 and he voluntarily walks away. Now the Bills have a huge coaching hole in a year with no good candidates (Rex will probably not be a Bill) , nothing at QB with the best option being trading for Jay Cutler, and a low draft pick keeping them from getting Mariota or Winston. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure the Browns might have their first rounder this year, because of Sammy Watkins. I forgot what the Bills gave up to pick 4th.

Buffalo will never have nice things and their fantastic & hopelessly optimistic fanbase deserves better.