This scandal is so fun. So many people angry at everything. Some level headed analysis, mostly drowned out by nonsense. Legions of people taking a giant dump all over Patriots fans regardless of any questionable evidence, and Patriots fans being whiny babies who are making it incredibly easy to laugh at them because they’ve gone full cult of Brady. It’s not over yet, the appeal process will give us even more fodder down the road, and I don’t see the back and forth stopping this week.

Seriously, Pats fans. I actually agree that there are too many people unwilling to listen to your side of the argument, but setting up go fund me accounts and being unwilling to consider your team isn’t Jesus might help the rest of the fans to listen to you. I mean look at this nonsense. As of writing this thing is up to $15,553 dollars.  That’s almost 16k worth of money thrown away by idiots. The Patriots are worth 1.4 BILLION DOLLARS. They don’t need your handouts, this is one of the biggest fines in sports history and it’s still barely a blip on the Pats net worth. Brady is worth 120 million, his wife 320 million. What’s 1 million going to do to them? Prevent them from building another moat around their giant mansion? THE HORROR. You want to help the Patriots? Start a kickstarter to get them their first round pick back. it’ll mean just as much. At this point even I’m beginning to think the punishment was a touch too harsh and I agree that the NFL’s method of justice is a joke but all the crying is making me want the punishment to stick just to spite you. Which is kinda messed up, but right now I don’t care. The NFL is not out to get you. The NFL is probably pissed at this whole thing for even happening and would easily prefer having no scandal at all.

I think the NFL would have preferred the Wells report come up very inconclusive, on the Patriots side. Some people would have already made up their mind that the Pats were guilty, but the rest of us would ignore those people for the most part and it would fade into the background as nothing eventually, which is just how the NFL likes it. But the report officially saying the Pats and Brady probably knowingly broke the rules means they have to act, and any act the NFL performs was going to cause outrage from some large group and puts the NFL (from their perspective) into a no-win situation. So yeah, stop saying the NFL is out to get you. The NFL probably wishes it said not guilty just as much as you do.

Also, to everyone out there, conspiratorial Pats fans and angry tumblerites who don’t actually follow football but wanna be angry, stop using Ray Rice as a comparison. It’s not a valid comparison anymore. You can’t point to his initial suspension and compare it to this one, because doing so completely ignores everything that transpired after the initial Ray Rice error.