I’m just gonna call it this week in terms of drawing comics. In case you missed my non-update Monday, I threw my back out over the weekend and sitting in my normal drawing position is rather uncomfortable. I’m improving but I think I need the week off. I’m sorely behind on sleep as it is.

Thankfully my boi Jason sent in this delightful gross joke and helped me out without me even asking, so many thanks to you, Jason. You may have a last name, but I don’t know it, so I’ll treat you like Cher or Madonna. Thanks for putting Bill Belichick making love into all of our heads. Bill is the best lover. Goes in with a solid gameplan and if things aren’t working he switches it up halfway through. Tom Brady always watches. If Bill likes you, he’ll put a ring on you. He technically has 8.

Obviously if anyone wants to fill the last slot this week you are welcome to send something in. I’ll make a priority to post anything by people who haven’t already had a guest post shared here, so if you haven’t done it yet SEND IT IN. If I get more than one I’ll post them for Thursday/Sat as extras. Help out your favorite football artist cripple while we wait for whatever the fuck Antonio Brown (Or should I say MR BIG CHEST) is doing to finally end.

Send ’em in to drawplay574@gmail.com boyos