I can’t remember if I ever uploaded this here but if you haven’t seen it on my social media here is a thing I made last season that I thought was funny. Honestly wish I thought of it sooner.

Anyway that’s just how I’m gonna picture John Elway from now till forever.

Bojohn is doing his absolute best to ruin the goodwill the city of Denver still has left for him. Early Wednesday morning we suddenly got the first major news of the offseason that wasn’t Antonio Brown drama (I’ll get to that someday I swear). John Elway has traded a 4th round pick to Baltimore for what remains of Joe Flacco. Well, that answered one big offseason QB question!

It’s not…a terrible move? From a football standpoint it could certainly be worse. It’s hard to tell what Joe has left in the tank. He’s spent so much time hurt and Baltimore clearly wanted to move on. He’s 34 but a fresh plate might be enough to generate some decent football before the end. After all it worked for Peyton Manning in Denver, didn’t it?

But of course that’s the problem. Elite jokes aside, Flacco is not Manning and it’s hard to see this move as Elway doing anything but attempting to capture the magic of the one good move he’s made so far. Outside managing to woo one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, Elway’s ability to judge QBs has been exceptionally poor. Trevor Siemian had all the potential of a career journeyman. Paxton Lynch was an absolute bust of the highest order, and is currently a Seattle Seahawk after straight up missing all last year. He missed last year because he is butt. He resigned Brock Osweiler after losing him the first time, and Brock Osweiler is also butt. He’s also in Miami after he proved to still be butt. Swag Kelly was a thing that happened, sort of. Not really, but I wanted to mention Swag Kelly.

Last year he ditched the Semen for 1 year wonder Case Keenum. Case Keenum proved to be fools gold and was, at best, mediocre. You’d be forgiven if you straight up forgot who was even quarterbacking the Broncos last year. I did several times. Now, after 2 seasons of new QBs, we are settled in for another. This time a possible washup who has essentially put up extremely similar numbers to Keenum over his past few seasons. They also took on his stupid money fort contract to go with him.

I like Joe Flacco and I like new coach Vic Fangio. Honestly if Elway wasn’t in charge I’d like the Broncos a lot and root for them. I hate Elway though, with his big teeth and his smug face and how back in the 90’s he rode Terrell Davis to a Super Bowl. As long as Elway is there, I wish failure on the man. They likely won’t get past the Chargers or Chiefs anyway. Can’t wait to see what happens with Flacco in charge. Now I have to get used to drawing ol’ Flacco in orange. That’s gonna be weird, man.

Edit: Lol’n hard at the people concerned that the mirror isn’t drawn as accurate as it could be in a gag comic with a horse man vomiting in a bathtub after eating absinthe salts


EDIT 2: I am on an astounding injury streak lately. Two weeks after finally feeling like myself after dealing with the bruised ribs from the car accident I have gone and thrown my back out. I cant really sit in my normal working position yet so no comic today, hopefully Ill be good enough for at least a checkdown Wed.