Fare thee well, sweet swag. You were too beautiful for this game. Also too stupid.

Swag Kelly, a man of unlimited potential, has left us. The 2017 Mr. Irrelevant was anything but. He won his way into our hearts through sheer determination, grit, and meme-ability. At the very least the man who may be the greatest Chad of all out-performed Paxton “I was drafted in the first round” Lynch, who he now joins in unemployment. We were so close to finally seeing the swagger in action. Case Keenum has been but a lousy substitute for his Viking self, which is to be expected. Had the season continued within such disarray, our faithful time of his life haver Vance Joseph may have caved to the whims of our desires and started our Swagalicious.

Even the greatest among us have our falls, and precious Swaggy C fell victim to the most harsh of mistresses, the Halloween Party. Who among us has not dabbled in the fruits of our sweet mistress alcohol while dressed in ironic ways? Who among us has not been in a heated argument about what polo shirts are acceptable in the mall? Who among us have struggled to have their voices heard, to be ignored, and then sulked away to break into someone’s house instead? Let he among us without sin cast the first hail mary.

Should we condemn this man? Shall we mourn his loss? Now Swagadocious must wander the earth in search of meaning. Will his swagger return? Will we ever know? Swag Kelly, I commend thee. I commend thee for being you: a huge douchebag who gave us all extremely mild amusement. You have fulfilled your purpose. Get help.

Anyway Broncos if you need a QB we have this heavily used Eli. He checks down a lot but in that thin Denver atmosphere his weeny give up throws to the flat might go for more than 6 yards. Send us one Chris Harris and a two time champion is all yours.