The Cardinals up to this point pretty much looked like the worst team in the league. Steve Wilks looks in over his head. Sam Bradford was terrible. Josh Rosen looks terrible. David Johnson isn’t doing anything. The defense is falling off and is old. Larry Fitz continues his toil. Patrick Peterson wants out. But maybe things will start looking up now! Mike McCoy got fired!

It wasn’t hard to watch the Cardinals offense and see how bad the play calling was. This was not a system that was going to succeed. David Johnson is better than being shoved up the gut every first down. Mike McCoy got fired halfway through the season last year and somehow, that resume was solid enough to pick up another job in Phoenix, aka the monument to man’s arrogance. 

That Thursday night game was a war crime. It was 28-3 at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. The game was a total embarrassment on every level for the Cards and it was finally bad enough to get something changed. Byron Leftwich (yeah, really) is the new OC. He can’t be much worse than McCoy. At the very least I predict he’ll be more aggressive, new OCs usually are.

I actually feel kind of bad for Sam Bradford. He may be the biggest victim of McCoy. The Cards picked him up to be the stopgap but when things got bad he was taken out to find a spark. Now the Cardinals can’t just put him back out there after officially starting Rosen for the future, and the Cards made Bradford inactive to save money on his bonuses. Even with as much money as Bradford has swindled this past decade, that’s a crappy way for things to go.

Of course, also poor Larry, but that doesn’t even need to be mentioned anymore.

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