You can’t trust anything this time of year in regards to the draft. You can’t even trust your own GM to not trade your best player. It’s all just SMOKESCREENS. I wonder how much people like Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport hate being played. I wonder if they know they are being played most of the time.

Are the Cardinals going to trade Josh Rosen? What are they looking for in return? Who are they trying to get? Who are they talking to? Are they doing it to draft Kyler Murray? Are they just doing it to throw everyone off the scent of them picking Bosa? Are they trying to scam a team that might be looking into moving up to give up far too much? Are the Cardinals even actually interested in Kyler Murray? Are the Giants going to trade up? Or are the Giants trying to fool people into thinking they won’t take a QB? Do they want Haskins, or is all the talk of keeping Eli around for 2020 true? Do they even like Haskins? Are the Broncos looking to take a QB? What do the Jets plan on doing? WHO EVEN KNOWS.

This time of year sucks. The draft analysts are starting to make the contrarian hot take mocks already. Free agency is mostly over outside a few lingering deals left to be made. There is still a month of time to over-analyze things. One big scooper will contradict another. I used to think I could navigate the treacherous waters of this mess and come out largely intact but then David “We didn’t sign Odell to trade him” Gettleman broke my heart and now I am a weeping mess. At this point I DO think Rosen is getting traded. I look in the Cardinals subreddit and see Cardinals fans everywhere and they are convinced it is not happening.They still trust their GM. I don’t even know why, really. What has Keim done of much value over the past few years? Sign Sam Bradford to play 3 games? Hire a coach that he then fired pretty much instantly? If I was a Cards fan I would have little faith in Keim at this point, Rosen trade or no. He’s been pretty bleh in the draft, since 2013 his most notable hits were Honey Badger and David Johnson. I recognized a few other names, but I can’t think of anything too high value outside those two, one of which is gone now.

I look at their steadfast denial and GM faith and all I think is “that was me a month ago with Odell”. I was on that side of the grass, where things were greener and you somehow convinced yourself you aren’t a fan of a shit franchise. Now I feel like I’m in the post apocalypse landscape laughing at their naivety because I know that positivity is for losers.

Of course, because I now expect it to happen, it won’t. But because it won’t happen because I expect it to, it will. But because it will happen because I think it won’t happen because I thought it would happen but then they draft Haskins or some shit and I’m going to tear my hair out DAVID GETTLEMAN YOU BROKE ME.

Just watch the NCAA and root against Duke, as we all should, forever.