That had to be the most depressing positive record breaking game for a player in existence. Peyton is toast. They are saying it’s Plantar Fasciitis in his foot. After last year’s leg injury it seems like father time has finally come for the fivehead. Part of me wonders how severe it is since with both injuries it seems like the Broncos have kept it under wraps then told everyone the truth once things went sour. It adds a kind of mystery to it. That gets a little conspiracy theory though and I doubt it’s fake. He’s probably been hurt for a while now and the Broncos didn’t want to admit it for whatever reasons. Hey, when you’re winning there is no need to have excuses, right?

Peyton broke the all time Passing Yardage record by 32 yards, on 5 completed passes for 35 yards. He threw 4 interceptions and Brock Lobster finally got some action. Now Peyton is benched and the rest of his season is in jeopardy. He only has a partial tear, which by all accounts is the most painful tear.

It’s so depressing to see a legend go out like this. I’m still convinced he’s done this year. I hope he gets his last win for the wins record in week 17 or something and goes out into the sunset in a manner he deserves.

Also credit to Brett Favre for proving that Favre dick pic jokes will never go out of style.