Return of the naive Nike designers!

I’m going to say something controversial here in that…I actually kinda like the color rush. It’s a neat idea and overall I liked it. It was far from perfect of course:
-The obvious colorblindness issue, 6% of the male population saw a game in which both teams looked exactly the same. What an enormous oversight.
-They sort of overdid it a touch. There was no need for the full color socks in my opinion, I would have preferred white socks. The Bills looked good because they had the sock stripes but the Jets just looked like green long johns. I think the “Color” should have been kept between the jersey and pants.
-It really did sort of look like a Nike manager told a designer: “We need a new idea. Synergy. Fresh looks. What do you have, johnny?” Then Johnny panics, looks around, hits the paint bucket tool and fills in the pants and socks with the same colors and goes “taa daa?” and then the manager gives him a raise.

But outside those things, I actually really like the idea. I’m a big fan of uniforms with color pants that match the jerseys. I think it creates a very solid whole. The Seahawks currently use it to excellent effect. I say tone down the color rush a tad and give the socks different colors, but keep jerseys and pants the same color, that is a great style. The Chiefs all reds get called ketchup bottles, but I think it looks terrific. The Texans all reds aren’t as good, but their all blues look great. The Eagles all blacks from last year? I thought they were sick, better than anything the Eagles have won in years. Honestly the only one I can think of that I haven’t liked is the new 49ers black alternate, but my problem with that is that it needs more gold more than anything else.

The next “color rush” has been revealed, and honestly I think it’s fantastic. The Titans uniform isn’t too much of a stretch from their current uniforms, so there isn’t much to say. They look fine. The Jags ones though? I’m probably in a minority here, but I think they are the best look the Jags have had as long as I remember them. I straight up love them for a multitude of reasons.

1. No other team in the NFL uses yellow or this shade of gold/mustard as a primary. This is an incredibly unique look. It’s not a boring blue, an easy all black, or anything else. It’s unique. Black and gold isn’t unique (The Saints) but gold being the primary is so fresh and new I just love it give me more.
3. Almost zero teal anywhere (only around the numbers). It commits to the idea.
4. It seriously looks like king midas touched them I love it.

I have yet to see it on the field against green grass in normal lighting, which might hurt it a little bit, and I wish the socks were black instead of gold, but on the whole I genuinely wish this was the Jaguars de-facto standard uniform. I love it that much. I think their current uniforms are full of cool ideas but are a bit of an unfocused mess (And the helmet is a crime against good taste) but this…this is so good. Nike, you finally did something beautiful, please make them the standard.