So the Rams are getting a new logo! It leaked! It sucks!

Take care to note that the graphical versions below the hat picture are speculation and recreation, the hat is the only official thing we’ve seen so far.

I have long complained about the abundance of angry head logos in the NFL. There are 11 angry head primary logos, 12 if you count the Texans, which I consider borderline since it is more a silhouette than a angry head. Additionally, there are 2 more angry head alternate logos that are well known (Bears and Bengals). It is a very overplayed trope among sports logos and in the NFL specifically. It’s understandable given the names of some teams, but still disappointing. That said, out of all the angry head logos, the Rams are one of the few I was pretty okay with. A Ram’s most defining features are the horns and that it uses them to charge, so really the angry head for the Rams actually suits the name extremely well. Especially in comparison to something like the uninspired mildly peeved Cardinal or the awful Ravens logo (I hate the Ravens head, too many colors, too much going on, a stupid expression, it sucks). The Rams logo worked well enough.

This new one is just trash and I can only hope the backlash causes them to keep the old head like how the Chargers got owned a few years ago with their also uninspired LA logo. The funniest part of this new logo is that it seriously works better as a chargers logo than a Rams one. The horn curls into the shape of a C, for Chargers! It’s still not a good logo, but it still works better for the other LA team. I’d love to meet the board of old men directors who probably broke some poor graphic designer’s soul and made him create this instead of the much better ideas he likely had. Seriously, don’t blame the designers for stuff like this: these decisions are made by the client, and the client is usually stupid. When the client pays you, you are at the mercy of the client and all you can do is try to convince them what works better and hope they don’t say shit like “can you make it “pop” more?” or “we want something more “modern”. This logo reeks of old dudes thinking this looks sleek and modern and not anything like a bank logo.

I hate the current trend of making every logo into letters, especially when it isn’t necessary. I understand the Rams desire to move on from the St. Louis Ram and forge a new look to fit the city but stop making it just LA with a motif of whatever the actual name is. The Los Angeles part isn’t the important recognizable part (especially with two teams in town). The Ram is what you want to use as your brand identity for a sports franchise. If anything, the horn is the symbol to use. Strip out the head and just make the logo a horn. It’ll be simple, clean, and classic. Hell, the R with the horn shape is better than this.

Maybe it’s just an LA thing. LA has a lot of underwhelming sports logos and almost all of them revolve around using the letters LA. The Dodgers LA hat logo is the best, but mostly because it follows the classic baseball trend of combining letters, and the full DODGERS logo with the ball is pretty good (of course that is just a holdover from the Brooklyn Dodgers, it wasn’t designed for LA). The Kings logo is bad, it has the shape of home plate (wrong sport dumbos) and the crown is too small and too detailed. The Clippers logo is fucking terrible and I have no idea what anyone was thinking with that piece of shit. The Lakers logo honestly needs a more modern tweak as the many speed lines make it look messy and the basketball’s black outline only covering part of the shape is weird and dated. I much prefer the Lakers alt logo for doing just that. The Chargers logo is good, but only because we yelled at them to not ruin it. I guess the LA Galaxy logo is pretty nice. Oh! the LA Wildcats logo is also boring trash.

Don’t keep this garbage, Rams. You can do better.