Well that was a doozy of a trade now wasn’t it? It had barely come out that the Rams were hinting they wanted to move on and all of a sudden one of the biggest prizes of the offseason goes to LA and Goff is sent packing to Detroit. The Lions get Jared Goff, 2 firsts, and a third. LOTS OF OPINIONS COMMENCED.

It’s hard to look at it and not think the Lions probably “won” overall. Stafford was gone anyway so now a team beginning a long rebuild process can use those picks accordingly. Possibly to move up in the draft, possibly to just stack picks. Goff is the biggest question mark. For years he’s been the butt of jokes that he’s just a vessel for Sean McVay. Very little credit has ever been given to poor Goff even when he makes legitimately great throws because he’s just McVay’s puppet. Well, now we get to see if that is true. Is Goff as goof as he looks? Is he secretly a great QB? We are about to find out! My guess is the Lions plan to use him as a stop-gap for the future and he won’t be anything better than mediocre. He isn’t worth his contract whatsoever.

Stafford and the Rams are the more intriguing situation because the Rams again have no first round picks for multiple years, they have a win-now type of roster, and Stafford is an upgrade. The Rams are trying their damndest to keep that window open just a little bit longer. I approve. The Rams gonzo moves the past few years have resulted in some fun changes. I like it when teams go for the gusto.

I am very happy for Stafford, who I see as the current Romo of his generation. A good, often great, sometimes excellent QB who is constantly carrying the team on his back, constantly getting let down by the franchise around him, and then subsequently gets considered bad by people paying less attention. If you talk to a Lions fan, Stafford is basically Tom Brady that has been unjustly judged. If you talk to many casuals who don’t really pay attention to the Lions, Stafford must suck because they never go to the playoffs and he’s never won an important game. Stafford is very often completely overlooked because the Lions are such a dumpster all the time. Stafford has been an absolute hero for that team, putting up incredible numbers in valiant attempts to not lose by 30 because the defense shat the bed again. The truth, as always, is probably in the middle, but I lean towards Stafford being overlooked rather then overrated. I am very excited to see him on a competent team with great weapons and a defense to back him up.

Anyway Goff was apparently surprised by the move, so I like to imagine he’s secretly one of the most annoying people in the world and McVay just had to get him out of there before he ate his lunch again. Things Jared Goff probably does:

-Story top everything you say
-interrupting you in the process
-walks slowly in the middle of the walkway
-do something rude and then say it’s “just a prank bruh”
-kick the back of your chair in an airplane
-take your fries without asking first
-call your significant other ugly
-berates wait staff
-leave the toilet seat up
-has a really weird forced laugh that’s too loud
-gives you flat tires (stepping on the back of your shoe so it comes off your heel)
-does crossfit
-drives one of those sports cars that aren’t very good but are just for looks, I dunno, car people help me out what’s a real douche car?
-talk nonstop during a movie
-microwaves fish in the office
-takes the last (food of your choice) every time
-doesn’t hold the door open for anyone

I’ve read Goff is actually a decent guy so if you ever read this Jared, send me money and I will retract everything.