This past week had several rough injuries, and boy did FOX really make sure you saw every possible second of them.

I made a comic once about how we have a compulsion to watch sports injuries. I still agree with that comic, it’s hard to not want to see what happened to someone at least once. But once is really all you need. You watch it once, wince, shudder, then share it with your friends and never watch it again. Maybe you return to it years later with injury nostalgia, watch it again, and wonder why you just did that.

But FOX has a problem. They love to just keep showing it in as many angles as possible, over and over again throughout the game and even through other games. During the Hawks/Rams experience Russ came away at one point holding his hand out and his middle finger looked wrong. Naturally, the camera crew gave us a slow-mo replay of Russ connecting with Aaron Donald’s arm during a throw. Whelp, there it is. Now we know what happened. He hit his hand on Donald’s arm, and now his finger is gross. That’s all we needed to see. FOX didn’t feel like it was all we needed to see. FOX wanted us to feel the finger dislocating in pulse-pounding detail, over and over and over. Almost every commercial break after Russ left was like “Well if you are wondering why Geno Smith is in the game, here you go *cut to Russ shredding his finger and holding it out as it flops around*”.

Honestly, though a finger dislocation is pretty gross, it didn’t hold a candle to what came late on Sunday afternoon during the Giants game. First, we got to see Saquon Barkley destroy his ankle repeatedly. Hey, wanna know what happened to Saquon? Here you go, let’s do a zoom on his foot twisting sideways as he lands on a defender. Try and guess which tendons are straining right before your eyes! Then Daniel Jones got concussed, and boy did we see how concussed he got. Let’s zoom in on his dead, lifeless confused eyes. Let’s slow-motion go to commercial over him drooling and stumbling. Let’s remind you of the hit repeatedly.

If someone ever dies on the field we need to pray that it happens on any of the other networks because if it happens on FOX we will see it in graphic detail as Joe Buck moans “oh wow that looks bad” while Troy Aikman goes “That’s right Joe”.

Meanwhile, congrats to the Seattle Kraken on getting their first win! HOCKEY