I want to rewind things back to the Alex Smith injury for a sec cuz I STILL HAVE MORE TO SAY.

Why are they so fascinating to watch? What is it about sports injuries that we have to watch them? The instant someone gets hurt you don’t want to watch the replay, but you do. You know you do. You know you are gonna watch it. Why? Because something about injuries demands to be watched.

Maybe it’s the allure of seeing something unusual. The taboo of knowing a human body is doing something it shouldn’t do. I know as soon as I hear about a bad injury I’m going to look it up. I immediately sought out a video replay because I had to know what happened to Alex since I missed it live. I of course cringed and winced. Then I hit the replay button and watched it again.

I’ve always had a fairly strong stomach and I can watch gory movies and such without getting sick (mostly just feel uncomfortable). Watching sports injuries is fun and gross. I completely understand people who just straight refuse to watch them but at the same time I don’t know how they do it. How are you not extremely curious to see that leg develop an extra ankle?

I think the only sports injury that ever really got me to the point where I can’t re-watch it is the Johnny Knox one. I don’t even need to watch it again because I can see it in my brain. The dude got folded in half and to this day I’m astounded he wasn’t paralyzed or killed because fuck me that hit looked so wrong. It’s one thing to see a limb bend and fold the wrong direction, Knox’s entire body bent the wrong direction.

What injuries got to you?