On one hand, it’s kind of refreshing to see Keenan Allen just outright disrespect a team that beat his. You don’t see that too much. You can’t, really. Football media is a minefield of PR cliche and giving credit to the other team is practically mandatory to keep people (like me) from having a field day with anything out of the ordinary. We thrive on out of the ordinary. Out of the ordinary is #content baby. It’s fun. It’s the best. Gimme all dat sweet #content.

But it’s also fun and refreshing because it does in fact make things more enjoyable for the rest of us. Maybe not that Chargers fan…s (should I even bother with plural at this point) would enjoy it, but for everyone else it gives us something to latch onto. Stats and and wins are what people pretend they like about football but their is a reason this petty nothing drama grabs headlines. Stories are the best.

Keenan wiping his butt on a team that just pulled a remarkable comeback (partially due to Keenan’s own team committing some brainfarts) is great. It’s wonderful. The Broncos pulled off the win and he’s being a big ol’ baby about it. Sure. Maybe they did dominate the whole game until the end. Doesn’t matter! Eat that L, boi. Eat it. Eat it down. Allen refused and now the Chargers have a reason to actually be in the news. I guess any press is good press for a team that only plays away games now.

I’m not sure if I trust the Chargers this season. Someone in the comments of my last Chargers comic (also featuring Keenan Allen!) mentioned that the Chargers like to start slow, pick up steam when nobody is paying attention, get attention, then get exposed and miss the playoffs. I’m having a hard time disagreeing with that assessment and it certainly looks plausible. The Chargers are 7-3, but they haven’t actually beaten anybody of note and seem to have an extremely soft schedule. The Chiefs and Rams beat them, but outside that, they’ve beaten up on the Raiders and Browns but had surprisingly close games with the 49ers, Titans, Broncos, and Seahawks. They also beat the Bills. That’s hardly murderers row. That’s like tax evasion row.

Coming up, the Chargers have to play the Cardinals, the Steelers, the Bengals, the Chiefs, the Ravens, and the Broncos. They probably lose to the Steelers and the Chiefs, and I’d wager they lose one more of that group and finish the season 3-3, at a comfy 10-6, which would probably be enough to earn one of the wild cards. Then they’ll get shellacked in the first week of the playoffs. If they lose 4 games, which could happen as the Ravens/Broncos and even the Bengals can be big wildcards, they likely miss the playoffs and extend their time in the land of forgotten mediocrity.

I hope Keenan Allen runs his mouth either way. Also you should google him. That’s some unfortunate male pattern baldness. He aged 20 years in 2 seasons.