Poor Herbie. Herbert put up one of those vintage gutsy performances last Thursday night against the Chiefs, all for naught. He took a bad hit on a legal tackle and was clearly in a lot of chest pain. On a subsequent play, he could have easily run for a first down, but instead barely huffed out a terrible throw into the dirt, visibly suffering. Then out of nowhere he launches a perfect strike deep down the field on 4th down to keep the Chargers in the game. He then threw a TD, but sadly you can give the Chargers a new coat of paint and a brand new Ferrari at QB, but you can’t make them not be the Chargers. They lost soon after, in a game they probably should have won, but Chargers’d away.

Herbert has a rib cartilage fracture. I didn’t know you could fracture cartilage. I thought cartilage was something you tore or wore down. My guess is Herbie will play but he might be somewhat more limited and is going to have to take care of himself because anything ribs related is agonizingly annoying. I bruised my ribs once on a bike crash and it literally forced me to learn how to sleep on my back, something I’d never done (I was a stomach sleeper) until that point. I had to re-learn how to sleep because any other position put pressure on it. And that was just a bruise (to my knowledge, I never got x-rayed). I wasn’t a football player dealing with hits by very large men. It took a full month before it wasn’t bothering me anymore. Then a month later I was in the backseat of a taxi when we collided with another car and I bruised my sternum and the exact opposite side of my ribs. I haven’t slept on my stomach since.

Anyway, considering how annoying I remember that being, I know Herbert is going through worse and now has to play, so he has my full sympathies. Of course, he also has access to NFL health services, but that also means he’s being treated by the doctor who stabbed Tyrod in the lung when Tyrod was having chest pain. Cool.

Please be okay, Herbie. You are too cool to die because of The Chargers being cursed.

If you are an old and don’t get the last panel, “He got that dawg in him” is currently a meme. Now that me, a 34 year old man, has made a joke about it, the meme is officially dead. Any dog in him jokes after this are officially cringe. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.