Big shakeups in the NFL these past few weeks to a few of the big players. Possibly game changing injuries. Rob Gronkowski took a shot from Earl Thomas and had to have back surgery to fix his back. It’s another blow to the best TE in the game right now and it really makes me wonder how many hits Gronk can take for the rest of his career before he has to hang up his cleats and put on his dance shoes for good. The Pats will miss him, although not as much as they might have in previous seasons.

Then, the guy who delivered the killshot, Earl Thomas, died this past weekend after an interception attempt caused a collision with Kam Chancellor and his leg broke. Now the Hawks are without their center fielder and playoffs might look a little different. Thomas tweeted a brief mention of retirement thoughts, which is depressing but not too surprising considering most players probably have those thoughts after a big injury. He’ll be back. It’s not like he tore ligaments, he broke a bone, that’s easy to deal with. Even I’ve broken a bone.

Also JPP got a sports hernia and unless the Giants make the SB he’s done for the year, and possibly as a Giant.

Apropos of nothing in the comic above (Which is probably the longest and most involved comic I have made), Marcus Mariota shaved his Movember Mustache, and it’s a tragedy. I didn’t wan’t to do a full comic about it, but definitely leave a small thank you to the legacy of Mark Mariota.



Edit: Fixed the word bubble mix up