Something really funny happened on Sunday. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. The Pick 2. It was really funny. The first Pick 2 to win a football game ever. The Saints/Broncos was a blocked kick. Also, to be extremely pedantic, the Saints one had the Saints scoring the tying points on the TD, not the go-ahead points, and then lose by 2, where as the Falcons technically had the lead once they scored the TD. It was hilarious. Andy Reid and his bag of never give up/never surrender arrowheads strike again!

What I think is funny is an irony that I don’t think anyone else has picked up on yet. Andy Reid, a coach with quite possibly the worst reputation for time management on final drives, now effectively, in a way, holds the record for fastest game winning comeback drive in an NFL game. 

It is. It’s the fastest. The only way a comeback can be faster is if the exact same thing happens but the guy runs to the endzone slightly faster. There is no way to score a faster comeback. Extra Points or conversion attempts do not take time off the clock. Effectively, the Falcons, despite scoring the go-ahead touchdown…were never actually ahead. When the clock started again, the Chiefs had the lead. The Falcons lead was maybe a minute of real time, but in game time sits in a weird vacuum between dimensions, never to be found. This is the fastest game winning drive in NFL history, and the man who owns it couldn’t call a timeout properly if his lunch date depended on it. Andy Reid, a man who is so baffled by clocks he’s still trying to understand how daylight savings works, owns this record. This might low-key be the most amazing thing that happens all year. Sometimes football can deliver in ways you’d never expect.

A+ to the Chiefs, who now hold everyone’s attention and are racing for the single season comeback record. They have 6, which is the most comebacks when down by a touchdown or more, which is behind the Lions, who have 7 total comebacks. If these two teams meet in the Super Bowl (they wont because life is cruel) we are in for something special.