I’ll never pass up an opportunity to rib old Teebs. I don’t even hate the guy, he seems nice, I hate the fans. But he’s so fun to mock. Tebow was such a bizarre football figure, probably the closest thing Football will ever have to Beatlemania. Only instead of screaming crowds of teenage girls wetting themselves because Paul was just so cute, it was screaming crowds of people who didn’t understand football insisting that Tebone was actually good at the NFL level when all evidence proved otherwise.

Timmy is releasing a new book because of course he is, and in it he mentions how much he got gut punched by Bill Belichick cutting him. It’s kind of hilarious. Belichick grabbed Tebeau after his stint with the Jets went rather poorly and gave him a chance. Timmylicious bought in. When he was offered a big endorsement deal, he turned it down so he could follow Bill’s desired example. Then Billy laughs manically and cuts him loose to wither and earn millions on ESPN for a couple years before he got starry eyed again and managed to get cut by the Eagles and now sucks at baseball instead. He should stick to doing Jesus stuff, seems like the only thing he can manage to do at a professional level.

First off, Teebs wasn’t wrong to be hurt, Belichick totally did him dirty. Telling someone to avoid the endorsements and such to be part of the team culture and then cutting him immediately is so hilariously dickish, but with Bill, hardly unprecedented. I think Bill has probably jettisoned players for less. I heard Richard Seymour farted in his office once, two days later, Oakland. Wes Welker double dipped a chip at the Christmas party. Contract not renewed. Jamie Collins didn’t appreciate Muffins. You better appreciate Muffins.

One day, Tim Tebow saying or doing literally anything will finally not be worth a story. Probably still a few years away from that moment though. It did make me wonder how many players have actually had similar heartbreak stories to Tim Turbs, stories we’ll never hear because 99% of players never get half the attention Timmsy Terblow got.