Little Tommy got a boo boo last week because he tried to use big boy scissors to wedge some dog poop off of his shoe. He didn’t want the doodoo on his favorite footsies anymore. But Tommy isn’t experienced with big boy scissors and he made himself an owie on his tumbtumb. Master Bill sent him home in timeout after giving him a band-aid. Little Tommy spent the night crying in the arms of a very pretty lady. She kissed it, made it better. At least Tommy’s thumb has plenty of time to heal now, with 5 weeks till meaningful football for him.

Tom Brady getting a boo boo doesn’t really deserve more than a stupid paragraph of mocking so I’m going to spend the rest of this blog post informing everyone of IMPORTANT DRAW PLAY NEWS. *Pretend there are flashing lights and the site just went to red alert*

I’m getting married (Hooray!) a week from now, on Labor Day Weekend. As you might imagine, that is going to require a lot of attention. Frankly I’ve been lucky to stay on schedule for the past two months with the planning and whatnot. After the wedding, I will be on honeymoon for another week and a half. I realize this coincides with week 1, which is unfortunate timing, but just how things worked out. Life is more important than drawing Dak Prescott’s butt for internet people so I’m going to not draw anything during those weeks. I won’t be able to anyway, I won’t have my workstation.

However, the site will still update during these two weeks. I have contacted some friends and peers about doing some guest comics for the time-frame and have at least most of that time supposedly scheduled. They may not be comics about current news like usual, but they will be updates. In addition, in case of any sort of vacancy, this is also a CALL FOR GUEST COMICS from my gracious readers here. If anyone wants to make a silly comic, do so. Send it to me ( and I will use it. Deadline for submissions is late next week, try to get it to me by friday at the latest, preferably earlier. I’ll have my backup laptop and I will be able to schedule the comics to go live at the appropriate time before I leave the country and may not have internet access.

To anyone who has sent me an email over the past few months hoping for a commission or whatnot and hasn’t gotten a reply, I’m sorry. Getting married is stressful work and I’ve had to divide my attention more than usual between this, the podcast, my Uproxx job and usual life stuff. Commissions and emails were low priority and I just want you to know it wasn’t anything personal if I ignored you.

I will still be active on Social Media next week for sure and hopefully a little bit later as I plan on watching week 1 in Scotland like one of the people Goodell is trying to pander to. I will be in strange territory and will report my findings on UK football fans. I will also be going to a Browns preseason game next thursday because I hate happiness and fun and shall report on watching RG3 tear his ACL in real time.

Thank you for reading The Draw Play my friends, may all your teams have sustained success. Unless you like the Eagles, Cowboys, Patriots, Redskins, or Seahawks. Screw the Packers too, I’m sorta sick of them. And the Ravens and Steelers. Also Colts. Maybe the Panthers and Broncos. Everyone else is cool.

The podcast will still happen. I’ll be there next week and Sam will be in charge the next two weeks

Edit: lol Romo died why couldn’t he die a week ago