Dak Prescott has played two preseason games and he’s pretty much already Jesus. Early reaction bias must be noted, but it’s hard to look at what he’s done so far and not be incredibly impressed. And angry. Stupid Cowboys, getting lucky on their drafting. The fun times of Tony Romo’s injuries and failures appears to be coming to an end. Romo has had such a strange career in terms of public relations. He came out of the gate like a hero, then fumbled a snap and earned a choker moniker for a decade thanks to some unfortunate game results and lack of team success. He kept at it, slowly building his resume as an excellent QB while so many people refused to actually look at him objectively because every once in a while he’d drop a huge stinker.

It wasn’t fair to Romo. His stinkers kept him from being known in the elite category even though he’s more than capable of playing at that level. He finally gained enough respect from fans to have people acknowledge he was actually good, and by then his body had started to suffer bad injuries. Last year it feels like Romo was finally, truly, appreciated for the QB he is, and it’s because the loaded Cowboys couldn’t win a damn game without him. His absence finally showed his worth. Now, with the way Prescott is playing, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people start calling for Prescott to start by the regular season. Romo going down was a death sentence for the Boys last year, but now it looks like it could be possibly a good thing. Early reaction bias of course.

Last time a rookie QB set pre-season on fire like this was Russell Wilson, which for Dak is pretty much a great comparison, because Russ is very good and will be top 3 once a few of the old farts like Brees retire (and if Russ isn’t murdered by the lack of O-line). Russ of course only had to beat out Matt “6 TDs on the Lions” Flynn for the starting spot. Dak isn’t getting past Romo on the depth chart, but I guarantee you if Romo has a bad “Romoception” style game, people are gonna call for him.

I just hope Dak actually sucks so that when Romo goes down we can laugh at the Cowboys flounder about like a upturned turtle again. I’d pray for another 8-8 season but that might win the NFCEast so maybe not.