I saw the Cowboys sign Alfred Morris and kicked a nearby baby off a bridge because that seemed like a really smart move by Dallas. Morris was sort of abandoned in Washington for whatever reason (I never bothered to look into why, maybe the Rookie they had last year impressed) and now he’ll share a tandem backfield with McFadden behind a great O-line and…ugh screw the Cowboys. I don’t know if Morris is actually really good or if his one impressive rookie year had to do with playing in Shanahan’s notoriously RB friendly system. It seemed like he was good but not great.

I was going to make a comic about that move but the only thing I could think about was how fast the Cowboys crumbled last year without two players. It was almost frightening how much they tanked without Romo and Dez. They entered the season in the driver’s seat for the NFC East and ended up dead in the trunk. The car itself would eventually hit a tree, explode, and everyone would die horribly. We liked that. So I kind of laughed about the Morris signing, because it takes even more pressure off of Romo. They gotta keep that man intact. Dez is less important. He’s still vital to the team but the team can win without Dez. They can’t win without Romo. It’s still funny to me that so much was made of the Dallas O-line and Romo died from injury behind that “brick wall” in game 2. Then died again late season. Part of me wonders if Romo would be literally dead if he had to play behind some actually shit lines like Miami or San Diego. Romo is a tough dude, but the way he plays football opens him to more injury than the way Rivers or Eli play. So many talking heads and fans like to talk about certain players being more injury prone, namely “running QBs” and point to folks like Vick or RG3 but the fact that they scramble isn’t really the problem. It’s the reckless abandon for their bodies. Wilson doesn’t get blasted when he runs, because he’s smart about conserving himself. Kaepernick really never got blasted either. Rodgers is sort of in-between. He’s reckless but he’s so smart that it doesn’t hurt him as much. Romo is very reckless. So much of his game is improv.

Dallas is easily the favorite to win the division this season again (Or at least they should be) but at this point their entire season seems to rest on how badly Romo gets hurt. Because he’s going to get hurt. They can weather a game or 3, but more than that, they could be toast.

Unrelated, I wonder how much bubble wrap would actually help if it was on the uniform in certain locations.