I had a beer bet with a friend about where RG3 would land. We both picked the two Texas teams. The reasoning was simple. RG3 is from Texas. The Cowboys need a backup. The Texans needed anything. Neither of us really saw him ending up anywhere else. If anyone still had faith in the guy, it would be the fans around Baylor. It would be Texas. Tyler, if you are reading this, it doesn’t look like we’ll owe each other any beers.

At first glance RG3 to the Browns is pretty much the epitome of “lol of course” but it’s probably not the worst thing. He’s not officially a Brown yet, at least as I write this, but it seems likely. It’s not a bad idea for RG3 if he still really wants a chance to start. Hue Jackson is a pretty good O-coordinator and might be a solid fit for the Griff as well. Cleveland’s got a severe lack of offensive…anything right now but the first year in a new regime is usually bad. The problem is that this isn’t any team. It’s the Browns. Time and time again they’ve proven they don’t deserve the benefit of any doubt. For most teams, even bad ones, you can look at a coach and a new regime and say “give it time, maybe something good will happen”. You just can’t do that with the Browns anymore. So maybe the first glance really is the correct one. Maybe we should just laugh as a broken QB goes to the broken team.

I think he’s done. I have no faith in RG3 anymore. I think his success came from a simple system that played to his strengths, and it wasn’t sustainable. He never had to read a defense in depth. Then he got hurt and it all went to hell. Now he might be with a coach who could very well use him properly, but he’s still made of glass until he proves otherwise. Maybe I’m wrong and he can be coached up and re-live his rookie glory. If he does so I’ll admit my haste to call him toast. Until then, I think he remains toast, but I do wish him well, for the Browns as much as for him.