So I realize a comic about Brock Lobster being a Brown is long, LONG overdue, so let me explain why. This is basically a slightly updated version of the joke I came up with the day the news broke. I was about to make it, but something held me back. The manner of the trade that occurred.

Brock was a unique case. He was a salary dump trade, the first real NFL version of a classic NBA style trade in which a team with high cap space (Browns) offers to take a player with bad, bloated contract off of another team strapped for cash (Texans), plus a little extra. It’s a win win sort of deal: The team with the bad contract is freed at a small price (A later round draft pick) and the receiving team is able to hit the salary floor easier and get a free draft pick. The receiving team then usually just dumps the player.

That’s why I never drew the comic. All signs pointed to the Browns dumping Brock immediately. I didn’t want to make a comic for it to get outdated as I was drawing it. So I held off. I came up with a backup idea for when Brock got dumped.Then…nothing happened. I kept waiting. I kept holding off. The Browns didn’t address the QB spot in free agency, and didn’t make a big draft splash. So here we are, I guess Brock is going to stay a Brown. I’m excited to add him to the hydra.

Brock has had quite the fall. Starter on a Super Bowl team, heir apparent to Manning. Dumpy crap boy who gets bitter and goes to be the man in Houston. Benched for Tom Savage. Left on the side of the road for peanuts, now possibly not even a starter on the Browns. Hell of a fall.

If he gets dumped within the week after finally drawing the comic I’ll scream.

Edit: Fixed Dialogue, forgot about Deshone Kizer somehow