Blaine Gabbert has a job. Lol. The Arizona Cardinals signed Yo Gabba Gabba to a one year deal to duke it with Drew Stanton for the right to play when Carson Palmer gets murdered by week 6. I guess good for him? For the first time in his career, Blaine Gabbert seems to be exactly where he should be: fighting for the right to be a backup instead of a janitor. Maybe the Cardinals General Manager is the smart one here.

The first panel above is mostly something I’ve seen thrown sometimes. Usually based around in arguments by the “faithful” type of fan who seems to think GMs aren’t actually people and because they have achieved this job they are automatically incredibly smart and always knowledgeable. Until they aren’t of course, and then the demands for firings begin. GMs are just people. They are affected by dumb biases (Seriously Kaep deserves a job if Gabbert gets one) and make dumb decisions based on poor information all the time. GMs get portrayed or seen by a lot of people as these puppet masters, manipulating everything, strategically using press conferences and statements, political maneuvering. Everything is a smokescreen, GMs are incredibly smart blah blah blah.

GMs are certainly better at what they do than me or you, but they are just people. People with dumb beliefs that get outsmarted and proven wrong by players and such all the time. The rejoicing from Colts players after Grigson got fired should really say everything you need to know if someone ever tries to argue that (player) isn’t signed for purely football reasons. Grisgon was a huge douche. Scott Pioli was apparently a massive control freak who spied on his own people. I read that some GMs even check reddit of all places to get a gauge on fanbase reactions because they don’t even know themselves. To be fair, I saw that on Reddit, so it might have just been reddit patting itself on the back because lord knows if reddit is good at something it’s thinking that reddit is great and cool and original.

I didn’t really have a solid concrete point to make this one, I just dealt with a fan with this particular outlook recently and it had me thinking bout GMs. In case you haven’t noticed, most of these blog posts are pretty much just late night stream of consciousness “Gotta write something before I go to bed” stuff. 90% of each post on average goes into the comic itself.