There you go. You can stop whining about it. I finally drew Tom Brady as the goat. I don’t know why so many people wanted me to call Tom Brady the Goat and draw him as such. I mean, I’m a big football fan, and I think I’m pretty aware of the in-jokes and nuances of the culture, but I still don’t get why so many fans are obsessed with letting everyone know that Tom Brady is a goofy farm animal that has weird and creepy eyes. I dunno, I’m starting to get slightly old, maybe this meme has passed me by. Lord knows I still think Crying Jordan was terrible. Tom Brady being a goat might just be another Crying Jordan.

Back in my day calling someone a goat meant “scapegoat”, which seems like something you wouldn’t want to be called? Tom Brady is a pretty good player, I can’t think of a game that he cost the Patriots. In fact I can’t remember a game where Brady was the reason the Pats lost, that seems like pretty bad scapegoat qualifications. Maybe that’s the joke? Scapegoats were victims that other people would blame and then shun, but Patriots fans are unable to blame Brady for anything and in fact probably want to have his babies, so he’s like an opposite goat? I guess I can see the irony there, haha. Nah, I din’t get it. The internet has passed me by.

Actually, maybe it all started because of This Picture.

Whatever, you got what you wanted: Tom Brady as a Goat. A circle jerk of confusion that has even led to an official version of Madden about it. Once mainstream media has a hold of a joke, the joke is officially dead. We should go back to the good old days, before this weird Goat nonsense. Back to when Tom Brady was just a backup under Drew Bledsoe and a little upstart transfer team called the Ravens was actually winning Super Bowls against the Giants. A team led by Trent Dilfer, the Greatest Of All Time.