So during the recording of this week’s DRAW PLAY PODCAST Sam and I came to the realization that the infamous Wardrobe Malfunction from the Patriots/Panthers Superbowl might be the “where were you when JFK was shot” for football fans. It is a pivotal moment in our history.

I still remember everything really clearly. More than anything from the game itself. My parents were out of the room, I was watching the show but didn’t really care about what was happening. All of a sudden there it was. A boob. Well, sort of. I remember seeing a silver glint and what looked like a boob. I spent the rest of the night genuinely trying to mentally understand what I had seen. It looked like a boob, but why did it shine with a silver glint? It looked intentional, but they wouldn’t have actually okay’d that, right? It wasn’t until the next day when it became clear that we had indeed seen Janet Jackson’s boob. The rest is history.

I wonder if the wardrobe malfunction was the single most seen boob in one live instant in history. I think it is. There were probably more eyes on that boob at that single moment than any moment ever. It’s weird to think about what an impact that whole thing had on culture.

For those of you young’ns who might have missed this moment: you might have your own in the Buttfumble. That’s probably the other moment in football history that we will never forget. I was sitting in the same room for that one, actually. Sleepy with post-Thanksgiving food. But even as great as the Buttfumble was, the JJB was on a different level.

Share your Janet Jackson Boob moment in the comments, because be honest: you remember.