I’m a football guy. I make football comics multiple times a week. I talk football online. My social media feeds are dedicated to football. My suggestions on my social media pages are all sports related. I watch football youtube videos. I check reddit, twitter, ESPN, the Athletic, The Ringer, Defector, you name it, every work day, just reading news about football, for my own knowledge and for inspiration. The algorithms know this about me. I even get ads and follow suggestions for teams I hate.

I barely saw anything USFL related. I had no idea it started this past weekend. Hell, I even went out of my way to make a comic two weeks ago about a USFL player. I never saw much of anything outside sporadic twitter mentions from mutual followers talking about it. This was the opening weekend of the revival and I saw nothing until it was too late on Saturday. I had read about the opening week at some point but the date didn’t stick in my head and I figured when it got close I’d watch it. But the opening week came and went on a day where I had nothing going on and could have easily watched it. This was my experience at least. I’m sure some folks saw more than I did, or deliberately paid more attention than I did and therefore saw it, but I saw so little football information I was shocked when I realized I missed it.

The AAF and XFL didn’t have this issue for me. I saw plenty of marketing and chatter online about those two when they started up, the AAF especially. Maybe the USFL is running on even smaller budgets than either of those. But for spring league, getting those eyes opening weekend matters. That’s going to be the biggest weekend you get in this position. This is when hype should be the strongest, before we all watch the league and remember spring football isn’t the best football and veer off if we have better shit to do. Why didn’t I see any hype? Why did I see no ads? Instagram is a pile of shit these days with every 2/3 posts being a fucking ad (thanks, Zuckerberg, you lizard man) and tons of “suggested” posts yet I never got anything. Twitter throws me nothing but sports suggestions and my trending topics are always football, even for mundane shit (Baker Mayfield is trending for me right now, with no clear reason why). The USFL never showed up on my feeds. I’m literally a mark for this garbage and I’m not seeing anything? Did any of you have this issue? Am I the only one who realized too late that football was on because I didn’t even know it was happening?

Kind of a detour for this final paragraph but this strikes me as a bad opening date to begin with. Right now everyone is in draft hype mode or draft exhaustion mode. I feel like a summer league, starting it in May after the draft happens and we are all left scattered in the wind till August, is a better move. Or do it earlier in April/March when the draft isn’t as close. Feels like this is doomed to failure already.